Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be My Crush

I maybe should've posted this before Valentine's Day, but as I sorta resent the holiday, I'm glad I didn't.

The other day my friend Justin and I were waiting for the blue line, bullshitting, and Justin said something along the lines of, "Once you realize that you have power, girls become a lot easier to handle." My immediate thinking was, "Power? If we get powers, then I want to be able to stop time like the Japanese guy from Heroes."

But in the spirit of the good ol' fashion adolescent pining, here are two remixes of The Twelves' "Be My Crush": one by London's Cicada, and the other by DFA golden boy The Juan Maclean (pictured above with collaborator Nancy Whang), whose forthcoming full-length The Future Will Come I am really looking forward to.

Both remixes are radically different, and absolutely worth downloading. Cicada's mix is a more dance-friendly, slick, innuendo-filled ode to hormones, while The Juan Maclean's effort is a full, throbbing piece of deep disco with a bass line so indulgent you could probably use it to frost a cake. Shit is for serious fucked up.

Unfortunately, for all my searching I couldn't find the original version of "Be My Crush." Could these be the first remixes produced by virgin birth?

The Twelves - "Be My Crush" (Cicada's B-LIVE Rio Mix)
The Twelves - "Be My Crush" (The Juan Maclean's B- Live Rio Mix)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Name The Pet

I saw Lykke Li the other day, and according to the looks of her band, and opener Wildbirds and Peacedrums (who were incredible by the way, about as good as Lykke Li), everyone from Sweden, if not all of Scandinavia, is about as tall and perfect as the stereotype tells us.

So it's official, that's one place that I'm just never going to fucking go. I will stick with the good ol' U.S.A., land of the short and shitty, thank you very much.

Name The Pet makes solid negative distance as far as disproving the stereotype goes. From what I have gleaned from her Myspace and Youtube accounts, she is tall, magnificent, and at this point seems to also make her own beats? She also spends her spare time taking footage of her other fabulous Swedish friends playing around being fabulous.

Whatever, I don't care. America is a city on a hill and all that jazz. Just close your eyes and think about Obama. Whisper his name. Just go ahead and do it. Obama. That felt better, didn't it?

Anyway, here's a video of her dancing to her own shit like she knows the world is her oyster.

This is the shit I fucks wit'.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night Live

I remember back in the day, when I was a little Matthew, there was this one time I was sitting in my room, playing with my Batman action figures, and my Mom walked in looking really upset. She told me to come over to her, and I climbed on to her lap, and she said this to me:

"Matthew, if you ever live-blog something, you have to blog it hard. Blog it harder than you thought you could blog. Blog it so fucking hard that you piss blood for the next week. Do not go quiet into that gentle goodnight, but blog, blog against the dying of the light."

And then she held me for some time after that, weeping. Then I too began to weep. I still don't know how, in the early 90s, my mother precepitated blogging, much less live-blogging; however, she did figure out that Snape was in love with Lily Potter about 4 pages into HPATDH (oops, spoiler alert), so I don't put it past her.

So in about 20 minutes, I am going to start blogging harder than I've ever blogged before. Click that shit, because the more traffic it gets, the more money they will pay me. Your click could be the difference between 10 or 15 dollars. I need that extra five dollars to keep me in Subway.

It's right here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kanye Likes Land of Talk?

Hahaha, Kanye likes Land of Talk? That's pretty cool, I think.

IMO, "Some Are Lakes" was definitely one of the bestest, saddest tracks of 2008, so I guess this just goes to show that 808s & Heartbreak is just really, uh, real.

In that case, Kanye you should just go ahead and download the whole album, it's pretty decent.

I would host the track here, but it's up at the link above, and when I use firefox I have to type in all of the html to do hyperlinks.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

School of Seven Bells

I interviewed another band forever and ever ago. I did manage to end the interview without insulting them though, which was cool in a different kind of way. You can read the interview here.

This is a little awkward

Gee Guys, long time no blog. Sorry. I feel really bad about ignoring nothin but cuts, but recently someone told me that I was "king of the blogs" so apparently I'm getting along fine without her.

But that's nowhere near true. I need nothin but cuts, there's not really any other place where I can write about all of the weird ass random shit I like.

For instance, I heard this song way back in 2008 when Ryan "Schwatever" threw it in his set at Justin's pahaarroooty. As far as I can tell, I'm the only person who heard it and instantly thought it was amazing, but ya'll need to be learned about this Fonda Rae.

So good. The beginning is nasty cheesy, but then a synth that sounds like an electronic steel drum comes in, and it quickly becomes ridonk (is that something people say? I will have to retire it if it is) in an incredibly wondrous, hazy pastel-lit way . I read a Youtube comment along the lines of "This used to be the jam when it came on at the skating rink," thus this track has singlehandedly convinced me that roller disco needs to come back. Yes, I know that Youtube comments are the devil's tongue, yes I know that I can't roller skate and when attempting to learn I take on the same attitude as a small child, frustrated with the fact that his sloppy joes won't stay inside the bun, but that doesn't matter. It's not about the reality, it's about the dream.

I'm also gonna upload this track by Wham!, because I like it for a lot of the same reasons as the Fonda Rae track. The reactions I've gotten from it this far range from, "I don't like this," to "It makes me nauseous," but if this is just a weird personal thing, I'm cool with that.

In addition to thinking it sounds awesome, I just love lyrics like, "Some people work for a living/some people work for fun/girl I just work for you," and "And now you tell me that you're having my baby/I'll tell you that I'm happy if you want me to/but once step further and my back will break/if my best isn't good enough then how can it be good enough for two?" Just the image of George Michael as this beleaguered working class heterosexual lad caught in a relationship that's killing him is kind of hilarious.