Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Killers fans hate me

I reviewed the Killers' new album a really long time ago for Prefix, and I gave it an unfavorable review because it, uh, sucked.

On the upside, the review got a lot of really awesome comments that suggested I "shouldn't ever write anything else for the rest of [my] life," or "take a break and go eat some ice cream"

Bizarrely, 3 different people suggested I listen to Mariah Carey because I obviously couldn't handle The Killers' complex, emotionally rich songwriting.

I'm gonna have to say no to those first two things, but yes to the third.

This comment was easily the most awesome:

Ok . this is a golden moment for anyone fortunate enough to stumble on this message. There may only be a few of you before it is censored out, so do hope you listen well and share this story as it will not be repeated.
All you learn from this moment forward will have to be through your own awakening.

The Killers album, Day and Age, is a fantastic and disturbing tale of a privileged few, the Illuminated, seeking real shelter (one may, for instance, throw away their money and run to the valley of the great divide...Denver Intenational Airport...a massive secret underground shelter) in the not so distant future during a time of what may be incredible human suffering. Look it up. See Denver Airport Mural.

The point is this.... The Killers songs are not nonsensical. Poetry, yes. Mystical indeed.
Flowers delivers the message of a soul and indeed FOR all the "chosen" souls that ache knowing that when most on this world are suffering, they, a relative handful of world elite, will be safely cared for as the earth endures radical physical stress as it enters the galactic plane in 2012. It can leave a human empty, and guilt ridden.

Known to many as the Dark Rift, knowledge of this event has passed on by Day and by Age; Pyramidial alignment with the stars, the Mayan Calendar, Secret Societies, and now the Killers, in brave fashion, consistent with the open symbolism we see each day on the money that we use, have been instructed to deliver ever so discreetly this message of comfort to the illuminated as they scatter across the globe wringing their hands and selecting their bunk mates so to speak.

This is not conspiracy. This is not a careless message of doom and gloom. This is nature. It is natural for the earth to cycle through ages of birth, death, and renewal. It is natural for humans to seek shelter and endure in troubled times.....and when such adequate shelter is too scarce for all, it is natural for those who have such a unique privilege to keep it secret...keep it safe....and to make very careful choices about who they bring from this Day and Age into the next.

Listen to the album with this topic in mind and perhaps you'll enjoy it as it was intended to be enjoyed by the few, the guilty, the sheltered Illuminati........and then again, perhaps not.

Read deep my friends. Your future existence depends on it.
Wake up.
Be Strong
Be safe.