Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Internet Forever

I guess having a lo-fi aesthetic is a pretty easy way to sound authentic/earnest, just like being interested in photography/liking Wes Anderson movies is a cheap way to sound plausibly interesting, but goddamit, Internet Forever sounds real.

The singer, Laura, does so in an accent, which I normally hate, but the sound is pretty effective here. Also, I really like bands that have the word "forever" in their name. It signals to me that this is a band that makes the kind of music that I've been using to innoculate myself against maturity since my adolescence. It's just cute shit guys.

Where is Kevin Sorbo?

I have a vague sense that Hercules and Love Affair's thematic preoccupation, so to speak, has something to do with gender identity, Greek mythology, and disco, but ever since I first read the name "Hercules and Love Affair" I've been thrown by how friggin' perfect of a band name that is. It is innocuous and melodramatic at the same time, and allows you to draw absolutely no conclusions whatsoever about the kind of music they make, which I think is what a good band name does. A horrible band name, on the other hand, is something like Broken Social Scene, which makes you sound like some kind of angsty punk band comprised of 16 year olds.

I think recently, the only act I've wanted to see more than Hercules and Love Affair is Glass Candy. If Glass Candy plays Chicago anytime in the near future it would take it as a sign from God that I am on the right path. There's just something so appealing about all of this nouveaudisco with its darkly stylish synth lines and careful production. Don't you feel it? The will to groove?

I like interviews with bands a lot, especially ones where they identify themselves as being "dorks." I think it makes me feel good about all those years I spent playing Magic The Gathering/watching Stargate SG-1.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am easily effected emotionally

The other day I saw Broken Social Scene for the fourth time, and it was pretty awesome. They opened with Late Night Bedroom Rock for Missionaries, and Shampoo Suicide, which they never play, and Andrew Whiteman (Apostle of Hustle) was there, and he's gotta be one of the most entertaining guitarists to watch.

One of the best parts of the show was when Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think) played this thing he's been working on called "The Happines Project," where he interviewed his neighbors on the subject of happiness, and tried to play the melody of their voices. The part we heard was from an older lady named Ms. Norris (notacat), and it was pretty delightful.

They played KC Accidental, and this really cute girl a couple of feet away from me started crying. You're right, that's like some horrible Lou Taylor Pucci, Zach Braff "vaguely outsiderish kid with relatively good taste in music comes of age" cliche, but whateva. It seemed genuine enough at the time, and if there was ever a Broken Social Scene song that would make me cry, it'd probably be that one.

Broken Social Scene - KC Accidental [Buy]

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This year, I want a ring of power, a lightsaber, and an iPhone

No Pedo.

Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)

Though it's not me, that picture is oddly accurate: I am wearing a Winnie the Pooh party hat and drooling a little bit right now. Internets are a wonderful things.

I ganked that picture from a google image search. I hope that kid's parents don't find this post and accuse me of J-ing/O to their son, or something.

I think I will probably spend today walking around in the semi-autumnal weather singing a Neil Young song to myself. Cause fall makes me feel melodramatic, I am leaning towards "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." That's real fucking obvious, but you have to accept yourself or else you will end up living in Central Ohio addicted to heroin/banging truckers for a fix like those people on Oprah the other day.

As a birthday present to myself, I'm gonna post this Joanna Newsom bootleg of a song she hasn't recorded. Perhaps, it's not as wild and "Newsom-y" as her other stuff, but goddamn it if mah heart doesn't soar/sore everytime I hear it. If you don't want to jump in a pile of leaves/spin around in your room with the door locked when she sings, "I believe love will always surround you" then there's just nothing that can be done for you, joyless wretch.

The bootleg is pretty good quality, so you don't have to worry about that.

Joanna Newsom - Esme (Working Title)