Saturday, November 15, 2008

All I need is one mic

The Cover Girls

One day during the end of the summer, perhaps ironically, I was walking to the nearest grocery store to buy the chips and salsa that has become the main staple of my diet.  As I walked up to cross Jeffrey, a BUSTED white 90s Ford pulled up to the intersection, containing about four Mexicans. Dude at the wheel was glaring out of the window with the customary "MOTHAFUCKA YOU LOOKIN' AT SUMTHIN'" expression that many of us minorities probably learn in grade school, somewhere between subtraction and the meaning of Kwanzaa (Umoja = Unity), and girl in the passenger was staring straight ahead with a standard "Betta be street if he lookin' at me" face. Naturally, included in this whole scene were some pavement-shaking jams, coming out of the car; however, this was not standard earthquake music.

I wasn't really then considering what appeared to me the incongruity of the scene, so much as I was trying to figure out what the fuck this music was. I knew that I knew it, somewhere in the deep long-ago of my heart, but I didn't know what the fuck it was. Since I didn't catch any of the lyrics, and there is not yet any search engine that allows you to "dooo doo dooo" into a microphone and match that shit to a song, I scoured the internets in vain. 

Until one day I was watching the latest installment of Pot Psychology and I had much the same reaction to the clip's background music. I googled the lyrics and discovered that the song was "I Wanna Be The One" by Stevie B. More importantly, I discovered that Stevie B. was considered something called "Freestyle."

If you grew up on B96 like me, then I might seem pretty late with this, but Freestyle is a genre of music that was popular with latino communities in the late 80s/early 90s, and cultural curator B96 bumped that shit hard as hell. The aesthetic of it is pretty much like this:

I can say without an ounce of irony that Freestyle is fucking awesome. There's just something insanely appealing about the excessive glitz and flare of the music. Debbie Deb is delivering lyrics like "The guys look really fine/they almost blew my mind/the guys look really good/just like I knew they would," without an ounce of self-consciousness.  It's just about real life: going to the disco, the dance floor being filled with hot guys, dancing till you bag one, the great struggle that defines all of our lives. Mad depth Debbie, mad depth.

My friend Daniel used to tell me how his mom would play "Diamond Girl" by Nice and Wild, another Freestyle gem, at the end of every single party she threw at their house, like one of those zany idiosyncratic moms in some indie coming of age story. Isn't that awesome? Do you think I should ask Mrs. Gardunio if I can look at her record collection, in search of more gems? Would that be weird?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mambo # 5

I am really not doing right by nothinbutcuts. In the beginning, I only blogged every few days cause there was a lack of shit that I knew about, but now that I have all of the time in the world, and thus spend it all reading blogs and myspace hopping, I could definitely be blogging more content.

Anyway, I have a question: do girls heckle boys? When I say heckle I mean the "Hey baby, what are you doing tonight, am I invited?" type shit that girls hear from boys all the time. I know that black girls do (I have seen it, and surprisingly enough, personally endured it), but I don't know about the racial mainstream's (i.e. white folks) attitudes on Sadie Hawkins-style heckling.

Anyway ladies, ya'll should try it. It comes off as a really awesome strategy in this song. Le Corps Mince de Francoise (that's a fucking long name to not be in English) is from Finland, and the band kinda sounds like CSS, except in this track, "Ray-Ban Glasses," where they're ripping off of some dude's style, and coming on to him at the same time? The lyrics are on the inscrutable side, but I'm pretty sure that they include something about "liking it raw."

I can honestly guarantee that you will like this song. I'm a little worried that the track might have a "Buy You A Drank" quality to it, meaning that you'll really like it the first thirty times you hear it, but want nothing to do it with it time #31. But those first 30 listens will be pretty awesome.

Le Mince Corps de Francoise - Ray-Ban Glasses (Les Gillettes Remix)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I interviewed the presets?

So uh, yeah. A while ago I interviewed The Presets, and I pretty much made an ass of myself cause I don't know what words mean. If you want, you can read the interview here.

The More You Know: apparently, a "pensato" is a theoretical, imaginary note in music. How about that?

The More You Know: I have nothing to do with that "Unveiling Notes" title. It sounds lame to me too.